I was originally going to title this post, “Hey, Lord, that’s mine!”, but there are too many other stories more worthy of that title. I can think of the lad with 5 barley loaves and two fish. Or the disciples who had the seven loaves of bread and a few little fish. Imagine that Jesus took what belonged to some people and gave it away to others. In the cases of the multiplied loaves, the providers of the paltry amounts of food actually partook of the blessing. In many cases, when we give to the Lord, we do not partake of what we gave. Sound familiar? When we give tithes and offerings to the Lord, we may not receive them back. God will use them as He sees fit. However, God does reward us for our giving to Him.

Let’s see how this principle worked in the lives of Glenn and Bob. Back in 1993, Glenn was attending a small church in Victor, NY. He had a wife and a couple of small children. He was committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and intended to go to Bible School. The school he had in mind was Calvary Chapel Bible School in Twin Peaks, CA. This would have been quite an undertaking to move his young family across the country for Bible training. He had acquired a copy of the school application and was going to fill it out.

Enter Bob, a young man unknown to Glenn at the time. Bob attended an evening service for the first time. He sat in the front row, as a habit. He happened to sit right next to Glenn and his wife. After a brief introduction, Glenn had asked Bob if he wanted to go to Bible School. This came as an unexpected surprise. Bob had been considerning going to a Bible School in Binghamton, NY.

Now let me address the mysterious nature of God’s will, our desires, and God’s direction. We have all quoted and believed the following verse, “for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13). Here, Paul has written that God gives each one of us desires and He empowers us to fulfill His desires. When we do what God gives us the desires to do, we are expressing God’s good pleasure. Are you sensing Gdod’s pleasure in your life now? If not, seek God for His desires and His power. Don’t wait for clarity. Begin to do something and led God direct your steps.

Maybe you are like me and have grown weary in waiting for God’s will to be fulfilled in your life. There is a verse just for those of us who are waiting for His will to be fulfilled in our lives, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” We are confident that God has given us a promise but it has taken too long. Perhaps you are getting weary and hope is almost gone. Dare I say hopesick? Yet, when God is done testing you and working in you more perseverance, He will give you the desire, and it will bring renewed spiritual life! THe strange thing about getting something from God, is that contentment in our lives does not come from having our desires fulfilled or doing His will, it comes from knowing God and developing a deepening love for Him. Now back to Glenn and Bob.

Just to recap, Glenn was considering to go to Bible School in California with the school application in hand. Bob was considering going to a Bible School in NY but had not taken the step. Glenn’s desire was to fill out the application and move to California. Bob’s desire was to take the next step in choosing a Bible School. Two things I learned from this story is that God gave both men the desire to go Bible School, presumably to become more prepared to sserve God in ministry. Glenn had focus. Bob was uncertain.

Glenn had asked Bob if he was interested in going to Bible School during that short time before the service started. Bob agreed and Glenn gave him the application, which was not filled out, mentioning that he could get another one. Glenn took what was his, which seemed to be the next step in fulfilling God’s will for his life and gave it away to another person who was unsure of and uncertain about his next step in fulfilling God’s will in his life. Why do I consider this a story about being a miracle?

Glenn was used by God to give direction to another Christian, without knowing it. He sacrificed what was his to help another believer take the next step in following God. To many, this story may seem mundane or boring. To God, this is a story about sacrifice, giving, caring, and yielding to God. When God uses you, it is an expression of God’s good pleasure. When God reveals Himself, it is a miracle. When God uses us to reveal Himself, it is a miracle. As we do God’s will, we are living miraculous lives, regardless of how insignificant our actions seem to be.

Glenn never did apply to the Bible School. Yet God brought him into the ministry in a different way. He oversees a prison ministry. Bob, who before that evening had no clear direction from God, applied to the Bible School and was accepted. He went on to complete his studies at the school. Although his intent was to become a pastor, God had other plans. After a demanding career in technology, Bob has gone on a couple short-term mission trips and is seeking the Lord for his next step. Glenn was the miracle doer and Bob was the miracle recipient.

The purpose of Be A Living Miracle is to encourage you to be a miracle. Miracles come in many forms and are revealed in many circumstances. What you may be prompted to do might actually help someone take the next step of faith, it may heal someone, set a person free, or give them hope that God our Father cares for them. In all that we do by God’s leading and empowering, will ultimately glorify our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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