Imagine that you are a healthy teenager, suddenly diagnosed with Lupus, needing dialysis daily, on a kidney donor list, in a wheel chair, blind for one month, and uncertain about how long you will live… You then receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and several pastors prophesy that you will walk where Jesus walked and that you will talk to the nations.

You are about to meet a young woman, with an indomitable spirit, filled with child-like faith, encouraged by the Holy Spirit, recognized as someone that God will use, and courageous enough to know that all things work together for good.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Rom 8:28)

Priscilla was an only child born into a Catholic Portuguese American family. She had a normal healthy childhood until she was diagnosed with Lupus. Her health quickly deteriorated. The once vibrant, happy child was dealing with the uncertainty of life.

She became wheel-chair bound and in need of dialysis daily. She began to take mega doses of prednisone and received chemotherapy and at one point went blind for one month. But like the blind man in John 9, her illness was allowed by God “that the works of God might be revealed in her.”

She listened to a teaching about Jesus who healed a leper, and started to pray that if God could heal a leper, He could heal her. The she learned that there is an enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy (Jn 10:10). She became angry in prayer against Satan.

She began to attend a new church and the pastor prophesied that she would go on a mission trip with him. She journalled that night that although she may not believe the prophesy, she was humble enough to accept that mission work might be a direction God was leading her in. The doctors warned her to avoid children and environments that could cause her to get sick – she knew she had a weakened immune system. The mission field was a place she she avoid, but she asked God to confirm this prophecy in two other ways.

Within a month, a visiting Brazilian Pastor, in a church service, prayed for her and prophesied she would go to the nations and walk where Jesus walked. It just so happened that the previous night Priscilla looked at an ad for an Israel tour that promised the travelers to walk where Jesus walked. The following month, a different Brazilian Pastor, was visiting at her cousin’s house and prophesied that she would go to the nations and that her family would be saved. She got her second confirmation.

Mission work seemed impossible since she had no money to travel, no real mobility, no open doors, and a weakened immune system. God was encouraging her spiritually and increasing her faith. She received a kidney transplant and her strength began to increase. She no longer needed dialysis and she starting walking again. The prednisone and chemo treatments badly affected her hips and the pain was excruciating. She had to have both of them replaced. Yet Priscilla’s attitude was hopeful, and she had faith that God would continue to heal her.

She completed her Associates Degree and intended to get a Bachelors in Social Work. While at work, her cousin had a dental patient who encouraged her to attend a Zion College activity. Her cousin invited her to attend this event, and while there, Priscilla knew that God was leading her to Zion to complete her Bachelors in Bible. While at Zion she was exposed to mission opportunities, and God began to bring His prophecies to pass. She received a VOM map of the 10/40 window that highlighted Islam, Muslim countries, and the Middle East.

Priscilla has traveled to Israel, Jordan, several other countries, Iraq, and is waiting on God’s leading for her next destination. She began to have a burden for Muslims while in Jordan, and sought out further preparation to reach Muslims by attending Sahara Challenge, through Crescent Project. God has strengthened Priscilla physically, and she has been able to travel to other countries without an issue.

Priscilla is very thankful to Jesus Christ and blesses the Lord for His goodness. Even though her immune system is weak, her job involves teaching preschoolers. Yes, God can even protect her around children.

Like Priscilla, you are also meant to serve the Lord. God wants you dependent on Him. His Spirit fills you with His fruit, He comforts and encourages you, and He wants to lead you. As you step out in faith and minister to others, God will give you more responsibility. Paul told Timothy to be an example to others. Priscilla is an example to us. And you can be an example to others. “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works…” (Heb 10:24)

Date? – Diagnosed with Lupus
Date? – Wheelchair bound
Date? – Dialysis started
Date? – During this time, Priscilla went blind; had 8 ulcers; took prednisone; received chemotherapy
Date? – She was put on “Make A Wish” list
Date? – She heard a teaching about Jesus healing a leper and began to ask God to heal her
Date? – She heard that there was an enemy to her faith – Jn 10:10 and she became angry in prayer against Satan
Date? – Her pastor, in a church service, prophesied she would go on a mission trip with him
Date? – A visiting Brazilian Pastor, in a church service, prayed for her and prophesied she would go to the nations and walk where Jesus walked
Date? – A different Brazilian Pastor, visiting at her cousin’s house, prophesied that she would go to the nations and that her family would be saved
Date? – Got kidney transplant
Date? – Dialysis ended
Date? – Priscilla starting walking again
Date? – Finished an Associates Degree
Date? – Attended a Zion College activity
Date? – Enrolled at Zion for Biblical Studies
Date? – She had her first hip replacement
Date? – She had her second hip replacement
Date? – She went to Israel and visited Jordan
Date? – She went to India
Date? – She went to four countries in one mission trip
July 2017 – She went to Iraq

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